Back To Basic

In diving activities, incidents and accidents could be occur including in Indonesia. After these successive events, many people ask questions about how accidents can occur, ranging from beginner divers, professional divers and even the general public. However, due to the limitations of the legal system and the limitations of the diving diving industry there are many speculations and opinions that are not necessarily true of what has happened.

So what? …… as divers, we have an obligation to continue learning and improve our diving abilities to be comfortable and certainly safe. To be sure, let’s get back to the basics, as we learned when we took our basic diving certification. Let’s digest it well and relearn until it is true with the sciences (knowledge) about diving. Certainly included in knowing the risks of diving, for example but not limited to how to read Dive Tables and dive computers, know the characteristics of DCS and other diving diseases and how to prevent and overcome them. Let us train again well the necessary skills, including of course skills in emergencies and rescue.

The diving learning system at NAUI embraces understanding, that a diver who can do recreational diving activities in the open sea, needs to know and must know how to do the right rescue action. Therefore in the learning system at NAUI Rescue activities have been taught at the beginning of diving courses (Open Water Scuba Diving).

Perform training and add to the experience of continuous diving. Even if we can’t go to the sea often, we certainly can often practice in the pool with instructors and or other professional divers. Frequently we re-open our diving textbooks and of course continue to increase knowledge by discussing with many divers, especially pre-professional divers who are experienced and who are active in diving activities. Join online discussion forums, one of which is

We humbly invite all certified diver colleagues to return to the pool often to practice again. Maybe just practicing how to get rid of the right ballast can save our lives later.

Contact Aria (0818796937) and Hendrata (08128370550) for our discussion and return to the pool.

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