About Us

Our Business are Scuba Diving Trainning, Trips and Scuba Diving & Freediving Equipment saling and renting.

Nadipati meaning “The Lord of Ocean” or “Ocean” — ( https://www.wisdomlib.org/definition/nadipati ).

We teach Scuba Diving in NAUI ways as our crews are NAUI Instructors and DiveMasters. We teach based on NAUI credos of teaching :

  • A key part of the NAUI Credo is the “loved-one concept,” which means that an individual should not be qualified as a NAUI instructor unless those certifying them would allow that instructor to teach their own loved ones to dive. NAUI instructors assign that same measure to every diver they train — would they allow their divers to dive with someone they love?
  • In Student-Centered learning, The responsibility of safety must be transfered from instructors to student gradually at trainning process. The student should be capable of assuming the responsibility of their on safety in order to be certified to dive without supervision.  (https://www.scubadiving.com/family-diving-building-bonds-that-last)

Our Instructors are qualified, professional educators who are granted academic freedom to teach diving in any reasonable manner as long as NAUI standards and policies are met, We do not have a rigid approach to teaching diving. Our training support materials are designed for flexibility in teaching. Our Instructors may exceed agency standards in ways that do not jeopardize student safety, Examples include exceeding the number of required open water dives or increasing the academic content. One of the things the NAUI Credo states is that it is more important to train a few students well than to certify many marginally trained divers. We further believe that educational quality must never be sacrificed for economic reasons. Also, divers should not be totally dependent upon their equipment for their safety. Our professionals crews emphasize the skills of diving, and anyone certified as a diver should be able to perform the basics of a rescue of a buddy diver. (edited from http://www.2dive4.co.za/pdf/NAUIANDBRANDX.pdf)