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In diving activities, incidents and accidents could be occur including in Indonesia. After these successive events, many people ask questions about how accidents can occur, ranging from beginner divers, professional divers and even the general public. However, due to the limitations of the legal system and the limitations of the diving diving industry there are […]

NAUI Nitrox Diver Class

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ENRICHED AIR NITROX (EANX) DIVER This course is to provide the diver with the information necessary to utilize EANx as a breathing medium. The course may be taught as a stand-alone specialty course to certified divers or the knowledge and skills training may be integrated into other NAUI certification courses including the NAUI Scuba Diver […]

Recreational Sidemount Diver Training

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WHY Recreational Sidemount Diver ?? Sidemount is StyleSidemount is FreedomSidemount is Freedom StyleLearn Sidemount NAUI wayLearn Sidemount ProperlyBe Safe DiverBe Fun DiverMore Enjoy Underwater World …… Requirement : Advance Scuba Diver   Benefits Flexibility Sidemount diving offers some benefits in the flexibility of equipment. Cylinders suitable for sidemount diving are usually freely available for rental, […]

Our Pool Training Always Fun

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Why Pool Session Training …..?? By train at the pool, we can mastering all skill required for our Scuba Diving trip at the open water sea… When Pool Session Training ….. ?? + When we took Scuba Diving License Classes no mater if we are beginner or advance or even Leaders and Professionals, we need […]

Open Water Scuba Diver Course Price List

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Open Water Scuba Diver Courses ( Scuba Diver Course  —> Rp. 6.300.000,-  per Pax Include : Instructor and Training Assistant Teaching Materials, include e-Books in English and Bahasa Indonesia Theory class presentation and discussion in class room (8-12 hours) Pool training for Scuba Diving skills training ( 2 times ) Open Water diving in Pramuka […]

Introduction Courses to Scuba Diving Price List

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Introductory Courses ( Try Scuba/Passport Scuba Diver Program Rp. 500.000,- per paxTry Scuba Diving at Pool with Instructor or DivemasterIncluded :– Scuba Diving Instructor and or Divemaster– Scuba Diving Equipment– Pool Fee– Recognition letter Tandem Scuba Diving Rp. 750.000,- per paxTry Scuba Diving at Confine Open Water (Open Sea) with Instructor or DivemasterIncluded :– Scuba […]

Missconceptions About Scuba Diving

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Bring up the fact that you scuba dive at a party the reaction is always the same. Some people will tell you that you are crazy to “risk your life like that”. A few will share anecdotes about the time they went on a snorkeling excursion. Many will relate stories about how their uncle’s cousin’s […]

Why we dives…..

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Our world is 70% of water ….. Indonesia is the 2nd largest costline in the world Majority of Corals species and coral abundant is in the Indonesian water Most species of fishes and other ocean creatures are in the Indonesian water I am living in Jakarta and only one hour to the dive sites…. so.. […]