Kenapa NAUI ?

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Kali ini kita akan bahas dalam bahasa indonesia saja, berhubung issue yang beredar di kalangan orang indonesia saja. Belakangan muncul video yang entah viral entah tidak yang menceritakan mengenai beberapa Agency Scuba Diving di dunia dan salah satunya menyebutkan NAUI. Yaa NAUI merupakan salah satu agency scuba diving di dunia yang memiliki sistem dan menerbitkan […]

Back To Basic

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In diving activities, incidents and accidents could be occur including in Indonesia. After these successive events, many people ask questions about how accidents can occur, ranging from beginner divers, professional divers and even the general public. However, due to the limitations of the legal system and the limitations of the diving diving industry there are […]

Why we dives…..

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Our world is 70% of water ….. Indonesia is the 2nd largest costline in the world Majority of Corals species and coral abundant is in the Indonesian water Most species of fishes and other ocean creatures are in the Indonesian water I am living in Jakarta and only one hour to the dive sites…. so.. […]