Learning Scuba Diving by NAUI

Learning to dive is an exciting, fun and life-changing activity. One we believe that anyone should be able to experience.


We know it can be difficult to know which courses, gear and professionals are right for you. That’s why NAUI has made it easy. Our certifications and specializations allow you to tailor your learning to the type of diving you want to do and our global network of dive centers and dive professionals makes it easy for you to find the right course being taught in the perfect place.

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Diving is both safe and rewarding when done properly. Our certified professionals undergo rigorous training to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to teach you to dive in the safest and most enjoyable way possible. All NAUI leaders must meet the “Loved One” Concept – would I allow this person to teach and lead someone I love? Locate a NAUI Dive Center or Dive Professional near you today to help you get the most out of your diving.

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Get Certified

Becoming a NAUI certified scuba diver is the first step towards becoming an educated and independent diver. Whether you’re new to diving, or an experienced diving enthusiast, NAUI offers certifications grounded in sound theory and proven practice that will provide you the skill and ability to become more than a certified diver; you’ll gain the ability to lead, not simply make dives. Call a NAUI professional near you today to learn more about classes being offered near you or your next diving destination.

Specialize Your Diving Experience

Diving exposes you to a whole new world, one filled with stunning seascapes and captivating creatures. There are so many different locations and types of diving that it is possible to customize your certifications to fit the diving you love to do most. Our specialty courses can help you pursue a career in diving as a search and rescue diver, underwater archaeologist, or underwater ecologist. NAUI speciality courses can also prepare you for some of the most challenging diving on the planet with courses focusing on night diving, deep diving, cave diving, and ice diving. Moreover, if you’re wanting to expand your diving knowledge, NAUI can help get you there.

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