General Article

Our Pool Training Always Fun

Why Pool Session Training .....??

By train at the pool, we can mastering all skill required for our Scuba Diving trip at the open water sea...

When Pool Session Training ..... ??

+ When we took Scuba Diving License Classes
no mater if we are beginner or advance or even Leaders and Professionals, we need to keep practice in the pool
by practicing in the pool we can always mastering our skills and sharpening our capability to handle anythings in the water

+ When we just bought new equipment
New Equipment meaning new buoyancy trimming, we need to re- set up and familiarizing our new equipment before we bring all that to the open water

+ When We were off from diving at least 6 months..
We need to refresh our diving skills after not using it for at least 6 months.. So after do the refreshing at the pool, we will ready to have more fun and more safety trips at the open ocean then.

Who you need to be with when taking Pool Session Training ...?

Please Contact your Professionals...
if you are doing your Scuba Diving licenses class you need train with Instructor, if you just do your refreshment and new equipment trial, you can do the pool training with Dive Masters...